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BECM CLONING & REPAIR: My BECM was at another shop in Florida and it was a terrible experience. This shop had it for over a year. Scotty had it straightened out in much less time. I would recommend Scotty to anyone needing BECM work. Also, Scotty provides the support and knowledge to help get your Rover running Tom K.

UNLOCKING & DISARMING: Credit where credit is due: Aloha all! Thanks again to you all for the input, and thanks for the recommendation of Scotty! He is a Wizard of the BeCM with his abilities! I sent the deranged BeCM to him and the good Doctor cured the patient completely! (Fast turnaround, and reasonable fees!) I cannot express the joy of connecting the battery lead and hearing ALL of the doors unlock! My BeCM was not only in an alarmed state, it was totally locked down! Better yet, of course was having the engine start!!!!!! I am going to make an appointment to have the BeCM from my 2002 unlocked BEFORE this happens to it! Now on to the other normal gremlins! Cheers!, Tom C.

UNLOCKING, REPAIR TESTING OF ALL FUNCTIONS: I highly recommend shipping your BECM to Scott if you're not sure if you have BECM or electromechanical issues with door locks, tailgate locks, fuse errors when they test fine or anytime you're just "not sure" if it's the BECM or not! Scott was able to take my BECM, shake it down, run it through a test vehicle and confirm for me that the BECM is functioning fine both with the Key Lock and the Key Fob Lock - that means that I can focus my electro-mechanical troubleshooting elsewhere! Further - he was able to clean up the board and finally chase off the ghost of the "Fuse 20" error! All in all folks, this is money well spent and I can't recommend his services enough! Brett Harris

O-RING KIT: Everything you need to freshen up your leaky valve block and more. Kit came with more then expected!Also came with valve stem seals and extra air line seal for all your air bags. Step by step instructions where dead on, take your time and follow them and you will be leak free. Great Kit!

Just a quick note to say thank you. I received the BECM and ECU on Saturday morning and spent a few minutes Sunday morning putting everything together again. Attached the battery, and opened up the RSW solutions software and told it to re-synchronize. It did that very quickly and when I turned the key, the vehicle started right up.